Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Balancing Act: Homeschooling and Ministry

This is taken from a guest post at Tabers Truths. Enjoy!

A 2nd Generation of Homeschooling

As both a second generation homeschooler and second generation pro-life missionary, I have seen and experienced what can come from a Scripturally-based, mission-minded upbringing.  Just as my parents before us, we have incorporated family ministry into our life of home education. Our entire family of twelve ministers, at least once weekly, at one of Charlotte’s three local abortion centers.

Through this ministry we have been able to witness nearly 300 babies and mothers saved from the terrors of abortion just this year (9 months). Many times we are able to minister to these men and women, on a short-term and long-term basis. So in essence, we go about this particular ministry, making disciples by reaching souls and saving lives outside of abortion clinics. [additional information can be found in the Pro-Life and Family Ministry categories on my blog]

We have been blessed to see our children growing spiritually by leaps and bounds. They have learned and are continuing to learn to effectively share the Gospel, defend their faith in God and their beliefs on pro-life issues and clearly discern between good and evil. They have seen women and men surrender their lives to Jesus and have participated in connecting these people with local resources and ministries. This family ministry truly is real-life mission work!

So, maybe by now you are saying, “Well, this is wonderful, but how can I have my family active in ministry while also homeschooling my children? This just isn’t the season in life for ministry.” Actually this is the PERFECT season. Regular Gospel-focused ministry should be a part of a solid Christian home education. It is not as difficult as one might think to combine family ministry and homeschooling, if your priorities are in order.

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