Friday, October 26, 2012

Pro-Life Ministry in ACTION!

Because Jesus Christ brings life where there is death, we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost above all things. At His name the culture of death is destroyed, and His life penetrates to the deepest part of the soul. There is no strategy that can replace a transformed soul at the proclamation of His great name. If an abortion minded mothers soul is touched by the Life of Jesus, her heart and mind will run toward Life for her unborn baby. 

Most abortion-minded mothers feel that they have no choice but to abort their babies. By actively providing tangible, real Life choices to these mothers, C4L produces a culture of Life one mother at a time. From free sonograms to baby showers to pre-natal care, C4L provides mother's with Life giving solutions that meet them right where they are.

Abortion is first and foremost a spiritual battle and reveals the very nature of evil, which is to rob, kill, and destroy. Therefore, we must be a people of prayer!

Get INVOLVED! Learn more at Cities4Life!

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