Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who has time to love their neighbor?

"We cannot expect church folks to trouble themselves with mass murder. They have pot-luck suppers & ladies teas to plan. How could they enjoy their game night if they were still grieving over watching human sacrifice during the day? There are softball games to practice & ski trips to shop for. And don't forget the conferences they spend all year putting together. Who has time to love their neighbor?"
 Patte Smith

What if no one had been out there the day that this mama, "Sheila", went to have her 3rd abortion? Little Zylah (pictured above) would not have been born if gentle Christians hadn't been at the abortion mill the day she had her appointment with death!

Will you prioritize according to Biblical standards or the standards that society says you need? Will your church socials and activities continue to rank above loving your neighbor...the little babies scheduled to die at your city's abortion mills!

DO MORE! If you are in the Charlotte area, visit Cities4Life to find out how to get involved. If you are outside the Charlotte, NC area, go HERE!

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