Friday, June 28, 2013

Children in Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship

"But what if you are beginning to think differently? What does the Word say about the role of children in the church? What will the other families think? How can you manage several children and get anything out of the sermon at all?

Curt & Sandra Lovelace share real, practical answers from their thirty years of ministry and as parents. This book will refresh you, strengthen you, and give you hope and help for bringing your children to the feet of the Savior in the body of believers in worship."

This is a great book, full of pointers and stories about families who have brought their entire family into a church service. I highly recommend this for anyone who is either contemplating looking into the family integrated church model OR who is doing it, but needs some pointers as to how to make it go smoothly! :) 

You can order your copy HERE

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Kelli Wilder said...

It won't let me order!

Lisa Metzger said...

I scheduled this post a while back and it appears that they are not selling it at this time. What a shame! I am quite disappointed. Thank you for posting to let me know!