Sunday, June 2, 2013

Graphic Signs? Yes or No?

  This missionary family that ministers together every Monday morning at this abortion mill!

A mama chose LIFE at the Latrobe abortion mill, after coming directly from an ultrasound at the crisis pregnancy center. At that ultrasound she saw her perfectly formed 12 week old waving and squirming contentedly in his mother's womb. Did that beauty change her mind? No. She left the pregnancy center planning to drive to the abortion mill to murder her unborn child. As she drove into the parking lot of this business of death, she saw the photo of Malachi (aborted by a D&E abortion) and told a sidewalk counselor that she changed her mind solely because of that image! 

Ephesians 5:11 was lived out by exposing the TRUTH behind the lies of Satan. Because of this controversial and graphic depiction of murder, a baby was spared from death in Charlotte....and this is one of MANY stories!

Do we hate those pictures? Absolutely. But do they save lives? More than I can count in my experience on the sidewalks in front of abortion mills. 

The baby on this sign (Rhema) was saved from this same abortion mill. Her mother chose Life after learning the truth of abortion!

Women are rarely told the truth about abortion. Without the truth, Satan is free to rob, kill, and destroy. It is urgent for these women to know the truth about this hidden evil, done in secret. We must lay bare the demonic lie that an unborn baby is not a human life. When we shine the light of truth about this "legal" procedure, it wakes up the sleeper and moves them to action. Truth can be horrific, just as the photos of the Jewish Holocaust, KKK hangings and other genocidal pictures have been shown to the masses to cause them to recoil in horror so that society will not commit those crimes again. Evil needs to be seen to prevent re-occurrence. These images of abortion will forever change the way people look at abortion

We also need to and DO show real images of babies saved from abortion so that the mothers can quickly see the difference between the violence of abortion and the sweetness of new life.

Are you offended or sickened by the real-life picture of abortions? Good. That demonstrates that your conscience is soft to the things of God. Now, what will you do about it? Being Prolife and against abortion won't save a life. We must act on what we know. We must be grieved by what these babies went through as they were tortured and killed. To know in our heads what abortions does, but not let that knowledge bring us to our knees in grief and to our feet in action, is to let abortion happen with our silent and inactive permission. That attitude is why we are where we are in this country as a Church. Everyone can do something.

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Mari Davey said...

What a great post! A few months back I prayed at Latrobe and the beautiful family pictures above was there ministering to many women. It was so nice meeting them--they just radiated God's truth and love. I have been wanting to go back sometime with my kids. I am fairly new to praying at abortion mills, but feel called to ministering and praying in some way.
You have a beautiful family, and I am inspired by your dedication to being a voice for the unborn.