Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ORGANIZE ROUTINE: Tips for Moms of Many!

What ways do you organize life to make things easier on you as a mom of many?

I polled a bunch of mamas on Facebook and here is a great list. Leave a comment and I'll add it to this list!


  • Schedule important things first and all other to-do's around them!
  • We are very careful to not over commit. We don't do very many extracurricular activities. When we are going to be going somewhere I always plan ahead and also give myself an extra 30 minutes so we won't be late. (Example, if we need to leave by 5:00 pm, I tell everyone we need to leave by 4:30 pm). We almost always end up being early, and I like that.
  • I got Jorte on my phone (an app) that allows me to add all my activities and even chore reminders. I set a reminder alarm that tells me to do it at a time I specify! A great tool!
  • Doctor appointments, dental visits, errands, grocery shopping, and extra curricula activities are scheduled only once a week.
  • I post the family schedule for all to see what the week or month holds. 
  • When my husband agrees to a family commitment or outing, I email him a reminder at work, so that he is sure to add it to his calendar...especially if it's something within work hours where he would need to schedule to take off. 
  • I try to take all kids at the same time to appointments. Saves time and gas!
  • One or two "town days" per week (errands, appointments, activities).
  • Outings have to be before nap and we have to be home by nap time. If it's after nap, it has to be done in time to make dinner at home.
  • RARELY schedule an activity during the dinner hour or family worship. 

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