Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Pray That Their Eyes Meet Mine...

In the last few days 20-30 pregnant women visited the website of A Preferred Women's Health Center. They saw stock photos of smiling women plastered all over the site; they read about how quick and painless their abortion would be; they took a virtual tour of the facility, and they picked up the phone.

A cheery voice on the other end answered, "A Preferred Women's Health Center, this is _____. How can I help you?" Each mama was reassured that abortion was her best option. And since that "phone counselor's" commission for booking appointments brings home the bacon, the "counselors" words were carefully chosen and their voice so calm and friendly. Each mama was baited with tempting words and each mama agreed to set the appointment. They then received their legally required, fast-paced "counseling", as if it were the tag-along to the end of a used car sales commercial. Finally, after they were instructed to wear loose fitting pants, bring a pad, and plan a relaxing weekend for recovery, these mamas completed the bookings for their child's murder.

TOMORROW they will wake and travel to the place where their child's life is planned to brutally come to an end. Some will come callously and pay us no attention, as if they're going to a dental appointment. Others will hide their eyes to "just get through" what "needs to be done". Many will yell and flip us off. And a few will joke and laugh and admit that it's murder, but tell us that God will forgive. 

So TONIGHT I pray that they will each dream of their baby and never get in their vehicle to commit murder.

BUT for those who *do* come, I pray that their eyes will meet mine; that their car will come to a stop and that each and every mama will reach out and take the pre-abortion packet packed with life and soul-saving information! I pray that this mother's heart will be broken at the thought of her intention to commit murder; that she would have mercy on her baby and choose Life; and that ultimately she will find JESUS through this day which Satan had planned for EVIL, but GOD, for HIS Glory, turned around for GOOD! 

I'm thankful that we're to have a nicely "covered" sidewalk full of Christians tomorrow at "our" abortion mill, but what about the Charlotte and across the nation? Will someone be there to speak for *those* babies who have appointments with death? Will YOU go? Will YOU live what you say you believe!

Church, ACT as if this is murder...because it is! Everyone can do SOMETHING! 

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3 comments: said...

HI! I would love to get involved in fighting this fight here in our home sate; however, I have no idea how to even get started. We live in a small town, so I know we would need to venture to a larger city, perhaps Nashville, but I don't even know the first step to take. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

You are such a loser.

Lisa Metzger said...

I'm sorry you feel tarty way, but I'm not. I find such joy in helping women choose what God desires (life, not murder) and holding the precious babies that were saved from abortion. I'm sorry you're so bitter that you felt the need to go to the trouble of making such a short and meaningless insult of a comment. May you find Jesus!