Thursday, November 14, 2013

Liberals Alarmed: Duggars Call Abortion What It Is...a HOLOCAUST!

A bunch of liberal, pro-abortion activists want the Duggar's show, "19 Kids and Counting" canceled. Why? Because Jim Bob, rightly so, called abortion a "baby holocaust". 

Soooo...if these Duggar people are just crazies, and there's no truth to abortion being related to the Holocaust, and you're all about "abortion without apology"....what's the big deal? Right? Oh wait...what they said is working right in line with the conscience you have been given by your Creator. That truth that is written on your hearts (Romans 2:15) is speaking LOUD and CLEAR and you just want to shut up the convictions of your soul. Aha. Noooow I see.

Read the article HERE. Liberals Want “19 Kids and Counting” Canceled After Duggar Calls Abortion a “Baby Holocaust”

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Tosha Tanquary said...

yes, exactly.

freedom of speech!!!!...unless it is against things I want to do...

... uncanny how liberal logic lacks logic and reason...