Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Large Family Dining

I know this is kinda personal, Lisa, but I was curious as to how you sit down for dinner with such a large family. We are a growing family and I'm wondering what kinda seating arrangements we'll need to have when the times comes.

A. Large family dining tables are hard to come by! I know. Been there. Done that. Found my own solution. Finding your own personalized solution is key! Don't attempt to copy someone else's solution unless you have the same cookie-cutter home and cookie-cutter family. That will only lead to disappointment. Look at your space and get creative!

In this post are photos of our family's dining room. Our farm table, which we purchased years ago at an outlet store, seats ten and then there are currently two high chairs for Eva and Emmaleigh. This room was a covered porch that we finished and where we purposefully left room for a second table, which we will be getting soon! After that happens, we will be able to sit 20 plus high chairs.

Some more ideas for large family seating...

  1. Use benches! You can squeeze more bodies on benches than on chairs! 
  2. Consider buying an office conference table. Craigslist, Ebay and office supply stores are full of them!
  3. If you live in or plan on visiting Amish country, search local craftsman shops for tables. Some will ship to you here or here.
  4. Look for a local woodworker who is willing to make you a custom farm-like table inexpensively. Try searching or posting a want ad on your local Craigslist.
  5. Take 2 (or more) folding tables and place them together, putting a long sheet of wood over both tables. Cover the wood with a tablecloth and add chairs. Tables can be bolted together for added security. 
  6. Mix and match chairs and benches with any table for a country or country French look. When buying mis-matched chairs, you can splurge and spend a little more on the table. 
  7. Search Ebay for "farm tables". Many custom pieces can be bought rather inexpensively through Ebay.
  8. Check Ikea.
  9. Check World Market.
  10. Check Crate and Barrel
  11. DIY! Search for DIY large family table plans and see if you can tackle that job or try this one or that one.
  12. Buy table extenders herehere and here.
  13. Extend your current table with this idea. This is also a great idea for even just hosting an event or two that required a larger table!
  14. Search Pinterest to further spark your imagination. Here is a great board!
  15. If you do not have room enough for any type of large table, consider using "TV tables" or "tray tables" to squeeze in a few more. Herehere and here are some ideas!
  16. And bean bags and sick tray tables work well for little ones who don't mind picnicking! 

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Jane said...

Everytime I open my pinterest account and I see your cheery yellow kitchen at the top, I am blessed!
You are a blessing to many Lisa, not just by your kitchen but by your life! God bless you abundantly today and every day. Jane