Friday, January 10, 2014

Calendars and Schedules

Scheduling works differently for each mama! Do not conform to someone else's ways just because they appear to have it all together. Find what works for you. This post details what works for us!

On Monday I posted of how we use two paper calendars for scheduling general activities and meals. Today I will share how we schedule our homeschooling and our activities in general.

I use the Jorte app on my phone for all appointments, activities, to keep track of how many babies were saved from abortion in our city through our family ministry, and MORE! It syncs with Google Calendar, which is handy for viewing on my laptop or PC, too. But my favorite thing is that I always have my schedule right on my phone through the Jorte widget. I also love to set reminders on my phone...from 5 minutes to 2 days in advance. 

This app is used this for EVERYTHING...even little things like chores or reminders to call or email someone. You can also make to-do lists on Jorte. One could also create a homeschool schedule within Jorte, as multiple schedules can be created. I LOVE this program!!!!!
Jorte Features:

  • Jorte Cloud: Cloud feature for multi-device syncing and backup.
  • Various widget settings are available.
  • Monthly, Daily, and Weekly views are available.
  • Important appointments are shown in red.
  • See completed appointments at a glance.
  • It can synchronize with Google Calendar.
  • Import the Holidays of your choice from Google Calendar.
  • Import and Export the contents to CSV format. 
  • It can work with Google Voice Search and Google Maps.

For academic scheduling, I use Homeschool Tracker. It keeps track of academic activities for transcripts and attendance, but more importantly it serves as a checklist for me and the children to make sure we accomplished anything that we needed to for that day. Having what is needed for each day listed also allows the children to get ahead in their studies by completing and having checked off any studies that were completed in advance of that deadline. You can also include field trips, hands-on projects...pretty much anything that you can dream up that would count as being "educational", which is pretty much everything here in our world!

Homeschool Tracker Features:

  • Track Attendance and Hours
  • Manage, Copy and Reschedule Assignments
  • Create Reusable Lesson Plans
  • Create Courses with Weighted Grading
  • Generate Report Cards and Transcripts

What do you use to schedule your life?

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Joy said...

I use the Google calendar to schedule field trips, doc appoints, my husband's business meetings and for my blog. I love that it will sync with my husband's calendar as well. I have not heard of the Jorte app. I will have to check into that. I have heard of Homeschool Tracker, but have never used it. Thank you for sharing what works for you!