Friday, May 2, 2014

I have to be honest...

Today one baby (that we know of for sure) was saved from death by abortion. We praise Jesus for that! It was so sweet to see a veteran counselor and a BRAND NEW counselor (second time out) witness the fruits of the tireless labor, as the mother shared that she had chosen to let her baby continue living! The Cities4Life counselors spent over an hour of counseling this mama. After that counseling, there was some dramatic back and forth – in and out of the abortion mill - before she chose life. But...she chose LIFE!
But I have to be honest...

Despite the joys above, today held a particular story that triggered gut-wrenching emotions.
With all our rejoicing over the babies that are saved, still yet on some days my heart is heavier than other days when thinking of the ones who were murdered.
Their lives cut short.
Their painful, bone-breaking deaths.
Today I watched a mother, pregnant daughter and boyfriend entered the abortion mill. This was day #2 of a two-day abortion. That means that the baby is over 15 weeks. Her tiny bones have begun to calcify. And *this* creates an added problem for those doing the abortion. In order for the abortionist to be able to insert his tools, he must have day #1 to insert seaweed rods, called laminaria, that slowly expand to dilate (open) the cervix (opening to the uterus). These rods do not cause the abortion, but instead forcefully prepare a woman’s body to be forced open so that the “pregnancy” can be “terminated.”
On day #2 the abortionist removes the rods, inserts these tools of slaughter and destruction and grabs for whatever body part he can find. If it wiggles, he’s positioned correctly. He pulls, twists, removes and goes back in to grab some more. That poor little one does not die immediately. She goes through unimaginable torture in those last few moments of her life.

When this car load of people left the abortion mill parking lot, they told us that they had indeed “unfortunately” gone through with the abortion. The mother of the poor dead baby, left in the building behind them, was crumpled over in the back seat crying. Heart-wrenching. The consequences of sin on *all* whom it effects are so unbearable to watch. We try to warn them, but...not many listen and heed those words on the day that they hear them.

Immediately after this encounter, we ended up stopped at a light behind that same vehicle. At the light, all three occupants danced little jigs in their seats, as if they were all at a party or a celebration. The man exited the vehicle and danced a little dance of joy in the middle of the street. They were all apparently glad to have rid themselves of the burden of a child. All I could think of was that tiny little human, created in the image of God, left in a box of medical pieces. A life discarded while this family returned to life as normal.

I know full-well that sin doesn't come without consequences. While their remorse over their "choice" is either unfelt, suppressed or delayed, I know that sooner or later the murder of this baby will catch up with each one of them in that vehicle. They will regret their “choice” either in this life...or in eternity. I am well aware of the hard hearts, the broken hearts and the saved hearts...all as a result of a choice between life and death. I've seen the many situations. I've heard the stories. But each time I see this type of evil here on earth, it grieves me. It grieves my heart of flesh, knowing what was physically accomplished through this “choice”. And it grieves my spirit, knowing the long-term physical, emotional, mental and SPIRITUAL consequences that lie ahead for all who are involved in an abortion.

So, with all of this heaped on my soul this afternoon, I feel physically and emotionally drained. I pray that the words of the Gospel and of True HOPE will echo in the minds and hearts of all who heard our message today. I pray that it will lead at least some to godly sorrow and repentance. But for now, since I have shaken the dust from my feet (Matthew 10:14), I will focus on the ones that were saved!

I received this photo last week from a proud papa! This precious baby was born last week and was saved from death by abortion just 12 (TWELVE!) short weeks ago

She was born at just 28 weeks, but this birth would never have happened, if her father had not stood up and refused to pay for her murder. In fact, if he wouldn't have stepped up to become the man that protects; the man God wanted him to be, she would have been disposed of in the same manner in which the precious baby above was disposed.
She is HERE.
She is ALIVE.
We don’t go to abortion mills to minister because it feels good. As you can see above, it often feels downright depressing and frustrating. We go because we must obey God. We must speak for those like the little preemie above. No one enjoys doing what we do. It’s tough work. But we must go.
Will you let the Lord use you or your fears reign over you?
God’s given YOU a choice today.


What will YOU choose to do?

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Elly McCall said...

Oh such heartbreak and oh such joy on the same day! It really is a condensed glimpse of this world for the Christian - great sorrow over the wickedness of the world, and yet great hope that we have in Jesus Christ as we look to Him. Thank you for sharing this Lisa, it is so well said and captures the many thoughts and emotions that swirl around in abortion ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness!