Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Metzger Nation

A new season of life is upon the Metzgers. We have been phasing out of blogging for well over a year now. It's not that we ever really set out to do so, but it just kind of...well, happened.

In lieu of blogging, I have voiced my usual thoughts, posted updates and shown photos by way of Facebook. However, now with many "followers" and numerous "friend requests", we decided to make a family page, where the entire family can post! This new page is called Metzger Nation.

I would love to have ALL of my old blogging followers and friends "like" our new family page so that they can continue to share life with us. We love hearing from each of you via email, and now we can do it on Facebook.

"Blessed is the NATION whose God is the Lord, 
the people He chose for His inheritance." 
Psalm 33:12

We hope to see you at Metzger Nation!

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